Hearing Solution Center in Charlotte, NC – we know hearing aids

At Hearing Solution Center in Charlotte, NC we know hearing aids. Whether you have noticed problems with your hearing and want to get it assessed, or you already know you need a hearing aid - we are here to assist you. We have been in this industry for a long time and have worked with many members of the Charlotte community.

If you have concerns about your hearing, maybe it's time to get an assessment by a qualified professional. Make an appointment at our office and one of our experienced staff members will talk with you about your unique situation.

What we do

Hearing Solution Center offers comprehensive hearing tests, diagnostic services, hearing aids, and tinnitus treatment. We serve many different demographics and are able to treat a wide range of hearing issues, including:

  • People with difficulties in hearing
  • Those affected by ear diseases
  • People who have sustained an ear injury
  • Children with hearing disabilities

Don't see your problem listed above? We can address all these conditions and more at our Charlotte facility. We have a qualified audiologist on site for all hearing assessments, as well as a professional team who can help choose the right hearing aids to suit any specific situation.


Hearing Solution Center also offers a free hearing screening.